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Woman reading while leaning against a bookshelf
“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

- Stephen King

We are all our own story, and each story has its own magic. At Crow & Co., we celebrate the magic of every story. We endeavor to make the power of these stories accessible to the whole community, so each of us can share in the diverse narratives of our lives.

Our stories live in each other as well, and at Crow & Co., the story of our community is shared in the art and products our community creates. Local artists and makers offer a wide variety of items to enhance your daily life. From pottery and glassware to supplies to help you tell your own story, you can find it here. 

Come into our store. Spend some time with the stories here, share your story over a cup of tea or coffee from our cafe, and get to know yourself and the world around you a little bit better. 


Week of Love Valentine's Day Mystery Box

Make your loved one's Valentine's Day

extra special!

What if you could come up with a thoughtful and surprising gift for someone you love, just by filling out a little form online? Check out our solution for your Valentine's Day gifting: the Week of Love Mystery Box! Just let us know what your loved one loves, and we'll create a package that will keep giving for as many days as your budget allows. Adult packages start at $20 per day and kids' packages start at $12 for middle grade readers (7-12 year olds). Hit up the link and drop us a line if you have any questions! We'll take orders until the end of January so we can have everything prepared in time for Valentine's Day. 

Hand-knitting a stocking



Yes, we're a bookstore. 

But we also serve the community by providing access to the magnificent goods created by your friends and neighbors in Hutchinson and across Kansas.



Who says there's nothing fun to do in Hutchinson? At Crow & Co., we endeavor to be a place where people gather to build and establish new relationships. Our events give you the opportunity to have fun and do more together than just hit the bar or go out to eat.  Come play and grow with us!

Jeana Reed leads a class at Crow and Co. Books
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